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"I was hesitant to invest in another ad plugin, fearing it might disrupt my site's layout and drive users away. However, AZO Plugin's seamless integration and customizable placement options allowed me to maintain a clean, user-friendly design while still maximizing ad revenue. The result? Increased engagement and a noticeable boost in earnings."

Simon Carel

The Ultimate Ad Plugin for Every WordPress Site

AZO ADS is made with easy and flexibility in mind. So you are covered with with various Ad Networks and Ad Formats, give you the power to manage all ads at once.

Banner Ad

Built for a captivating online experience purpose, it will boost your user engagement and revenue.

Background Ad

Built for a captivating online experience purpose, it will boost your user engagement and revenue.

Plain Text Ad

Bring the ultimate flexibility. This ensures you can integrate all types of ads.

Video Ad

Tell stories and capture attention with Video Ads, leveraging video for enhanced brand communication and user connection.

Popup Ad

Built with care to help you gain at most user attention without interfering with their experience on your website.

Loop Ad

Maintain user interest with relevant ad impressions, increase your earning potential.

Random Ad

Save time and efforts on optimization by automatically detect high-performance ads.

Floating Ad

Stay fixed on your webpages, offering constant visibility and higher user engagement potential.

Group Insertion

Save your time for more needed task with this function - Insert multiple ads with one-go.

Carousel Ad

Not only bring higher user engagement but also improve the ad space utilization.

Parallax Ad

Improve the user experience by adding a unique visual appeal to your web page. Seeing ad can have fun!

Rotator Ad

Help you improve the performance of the ad placement by finding out the best ad among the Ad Networks.

Half Screen Ad

Designed to capture the user’s attention without completely disrupting their browsing experience.

Skip Ad

Improve the user experience by giving them control over the ads they see.

Mobile Parallax

Even on mobile. Nothing can stop you bring the best experience to user while monetizing the most from your website.

A/B Testing Ad

Help you make data-driven decisions about your ad placements by testing different Ad Placements.

Blindness Ad

The ad appears more like content, which can help combat ad blindness and increase engagement.

Top Reasons Why Thousands of Users Love AZO ADS

AZO ADS is the perfect Ad Management WordPress Plugin for YOU.
Here’s why thousands of smart business owners, marketers, and web developers love AZO ADS, and you will too!

Say Goodbye to Ad-Block Losses: Secure Your Revenue with Smart Technology!

Adblock detection has become an essential tool for website owners in the face of ad-blocking software's rising prevalence.

Adapt & Thrive: Responsive Ads for Every Screen Size!

Easy to set up and manage all of your ads any times by any devices, even with your phone.

Revolutionize Your User Experience with Cutting-Edge Ad Formats!

Improve the user experience by adding a unique visual appeal to your web page with Parallax Ads, Looping Ads, Floating Ads and more. Making the visitors have an immersive browsing experience.

Advanced Algorithms to Intelligently Place Ads in The Spotlight, Driving sky-high CTR!

Not only keep your revenue safe from Google Policies, this will also help to personalize the ads on your website to match Campaign's needs.

Boosts Ad Revenue Without Sacrificing Speed

Say goodbye to slow-loading pages and hello to a smooth, efficient browsing experience for your visitors. With AZO Plugin, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: high-performance ads and blazing-fast speeds, ensuring maximum engagement and conversions.

Your Ads, Your Rules: Customize Like Never Before!

From determine ad position to its appearance, you have full of customization options.

Extensive document and Dedicated Ticket System

AZO ADS is built with care and quality assurance. But we still have a expert team to support you ASAP.

AZO ADS is Built with Advanced Features

How AZO ADS helps to monetize your WordPress website


Ad Inserter

Advanced Ads

Built-in Insightful Report

Advanced Targeting
By geo, url, agent, devices...

Unlimited Ads

Intuitive Dashboard

Shortcode and Custom Code supported

Pre-defined Placements
Up to 15 different ad positions

Latest Ad Formats
Parallax, Flying Ad,

Premium Features for UX
Lazyloading, Delay loading, Debug

Various Ad Networks
Easily integrate with 10 Ad Networks

For premium tier

From $47

From $54

From $64

Join the Ad Revolution:
Where Performance Meets Affordability!

We strive to provide the best WordPress Plugin Ad in the world. Delivering a good user experience means a lot to us.

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Tier 1
normally $59/year


Free Tier


If you don’t like AZO ADS over the next 30 days, we will happily refund 100% of your purchase.
No questions asked.

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Have questions? Find quick answers to commonly asked questions about AZO Ads and how it can benefit your website.

Absolutely, AZO ADS can be installed and configured in just a few clicks, making it accessible for users of all skill levels.

Yes, AZO ADS offers a range of customizable settings to tailor performance according to your individual website needs.
Our dedicated support team is here to assist you with any questions or issues you might have, providing prompt and friendly service. You can submit a ticket or check through our extensive documentation.
Security is our top priority. AZO ADS includes multiple security features to protect your site against threats.

We do not take any part of the revenue, nor we do any revenue sharing with our user. Our software is a fully open-source project.

Yes, Absolutely! We would suggest you send your feature request by submitting a ticket in our support center. It helps us receive your message right away.


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